Carousell Negative Experience #3

Here I goes again….

So this buyer A send a chat to check for availability, condition, meetup details etc. So I replied her. She said she will let me know again. I replied and requested her to proceed on with an offer by tues for confirmation. There wasn’t any response after that. In between our last conversation and her offer, Buyer B have send an offer.  Buyer A was unhappy when she learned that and felt that I should fulfil by obligation as an seller to reserve the item for her and honor the “deal”.

So I explained to her this – If I reserved the item for her (without any offer) and rejected other potential buyers, what if she turns out to be another of those buyer who went missing? Who is going to be responsible for that? This is carousell we are talking about. There are tons of people who expressed interests and disappear! She didn’t make an offer which means I cannot give her any negative feedback if she really does go missing.

As a seller, I am only obliged to reserve the item only after I accepted an offer. In order for that to happen, the buyer have to make an offer. Her last sentence to me was “I will let you know again”. This is not a firm indication that she is interested! I could only tell that she is thinking about it and will let me know.

She claimed that I gave her an instruction to proceed with the offer by Tues so I should have at least hold on to the item until Tues. My reply to her was to make an offer BY tues. I didn’t ask her to make an offer ON tues. That’s a different thing. I didn’t stop her from making an offer earlier.  Furthermore, I said FOR a confirmation. It means a confirmation has to be made when she send an offer. It does not mean an confirmation has been send. I didn’t say I am going to reserve it. She just assumed that I will reserve the item for her.

Buying things online is the same everywhere. No matter whether you use eBay or Carousell or other platform. You want the thing, show your sincerely by making an offer. If you don’t, do not blame seller for selling it to others who have. I am there to sell things not to hold charity sale. I don’t hold on to items just because people need to think about it. I am not going to take the risk and sit around.


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