Thank you for standing up on me!

Someone just stood me up again. That’s second time this week!
What is wrong with people? Why can’t they just inform beforehand?

First case, I arranged for lunch with a colleague informally. We were chatting online in the morning. In fact, we were chatting all the way till lunch. She indicated lunch is still on by saying “talk more during lunch”. Then by lunch, I went to the washroom and met her department colleague who told me that they are going to pack for lunch. I was bewildered but at the same time, I thought she will still go ahead and eat with me at the staff cafeteria like what we arranged (I usually bring my lunch).

But after 10 mins, there isn’t any message from her so I decided to go and have lunch alone! After 2 hours or so of silence, I decided to “confront” her and told her to inform me beforehand if she has any change of plan.

Originally she only replied “yes” as she didn’t realise I was mad. But I ignored her when I saw her at the photocopier machine so I guess she realised that she has made me angry. I mean who likes to be stood up by others? Nobody likes that feeling.

Then she messaged me with her explanation. She claimed that I didn’t message her and she would eat with me if I message her. And she wanted to have lunch with that colleague of her since she is leaving.

Excuse me? The lunch was arranged. And you are the one who changed your mind! So what is got to do with me? I know she mean no harm and may not genuinely realise that she done something wrong. But she has to realise that when a lunch is arranged, it is firm no matter whether I message her or not. I am not saying she cannot change her mind or plan. All I needed is to be informed beforehand. It isn’t hard to send an message to keep me updated honestly.

Second case that happened today… We arranged to meet up today. Usually I will asked for a timing. But this friend is kinda special – We always have impromptu meet up and cancellation so we usually don’t set a firm timing. I don’t actually feel that well last night. Wake up and feeling better.. But since I wasn’t feeling well yesterday, I didn’t manage to do much yesterday. But anyway I thought that I can stay in if she don’t send me any message. But at 9am, I couldn’t bear it anymore as I wanted to go bath. I usually bath in the morning before I start my day even if I am staying in. So she told me she will meet me next week as she is going to her bro’s house. I was like what? If I don’t message her, I would never know?


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