Selling on Carousell

Selling in carousell isn’t easy. You need lots of patience. Really a lot! There’s all sort of people on carousell that will make you go insane.

Now I sell on carousell not to make extra income. I don’t care for the money. don’t get me wrong. I am not super rich. But I have a full time job which pay me decent amount of salary for survival. So I don’t care if I really sell them off or not. In fact, I list the items cos I wanted to get rid of them (MINIMALISIM!) but it is such a waste if I just throw them away.

Anyway, people get on carousell to find cheap bargain so naturally, 8 out of 10 people likes to bargain. I am not saying you can’t. But I am not like some sellers. I seldom give in.

Here’s some really nice examples of people I met on Carousell:
1) Bargain. I have people who asked about lower price. Usually I just say no. Or if I am in a super good mood, I will explain nicely that this is the best price cos I am selling at a big loss (most of the times, I forgot the actual price so I just price it based on memory. Hey I been buying things off the internet since 2000!) But I really hate people who just simply offer an price without asking. It is like slapping your face and say oops sorry. So I usually I just declined (almost immediately) and ignored their requests for photos. I don’t know about other people. But I never like to deal with this people because they obviously do not want to spend that amount of money on that item yet they wanted to get. And they usually send an offer for 50% lesser. NEVER. I am not going to let you be the new owner! My things have feeling you know!
2) People who asked to meet at their own convenience. I listed the meet up areas in my profile clearly. Funny how people think that seller should meet them at their own convenience places just because we are at their mercy (I want your money! I will go anywhere you wanted!). But me? No way I am doing that. I rather throw my things into the bin then going all the way to the East to meet someone  just to earn $20?  HA!
3) People who don’t read.
Listing name – Blah blah grey blah. Picture show a grey bag.
Received a message what colour? I wanted to say are you blind? Then there are people who asked about things that are posted in the listing. Read people read. If i wanted to buy something, I would read and make sure I have all the information. Which makes me thinks these people are just pathetic cos they are spending their hours surfing for something to buy. Usually I go to search for specific items. Like yesterday I tried to see if anyone was selling Hobonichi (!!! I want this next year. Next year planner!!).
4) people who argued with me. I posted a listing for a random grab bag for a collectible – something I used to collect. I decided to go by grab bags cos I wanted to get rid off of them. And this is easiest cos I bought them so long ago that I couldn’t remember what I have. Then a collector argued with me and saying that it will deplete the value and demand for picture. I told her this is how i work and you can get lost if you don’t like. (Of cos I put in the nicer way!).
5) People who asked if I have other sizes or colours. I know a lot of people listed pre-order stuffs on carousell. Honestly they are just from Taobao or Aliexpress. Get your hands moving and buy from the china seller instead. But it is kinda obvious what is not right. So I am always bewildered when someone asked for other sizes or colours. It is not like I would buy something just to sell to them again…
6) People who said I am interested and disappear after that. Ya, I think they got abducted by alien!! I should be nice to them as they been through alot. But I usually just block them.
7) People who don’t understand about things in general. I wrote about this before. Some kids (Yes I think its a kid. there is only one explanation) have only a budget of $10 to get a hand craved pottermore wand. This irritates me because you cannot even get a plastic wand for $10.
8) People who are lazy to conduct their own research. For some things, I don’t write information such as measurement etc. e.g. a baggu backpack as they are listed everywhere. If I really interested in it, I would go on google and find out the information. Like that time I purchased a lootcrate sock, I went online and searched for the measurement although the seller don’t list it. Cos I am interested. Which make me feels some people are just looking for things to buy. Pathetic.


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