THE handbag

I was watching an rewiew video on YouTube last week. Then, I have a sudden realisation that I have been purchasing the wrong bag!

When I purchased a bag in the past, I am typically attracted to designs or brands. I never thought of functionality much. Sure, a couple of compartments sounds great but I pretty much don’t care!

But this is so wrong. I need those functionality bags with all those compartment and organsiers! especially one that allows me to store my pens properly!

My little problem is this. I always carried a stationary pouch last time. But since I do not go to classes anymore and my travelling journey is cut short by half, I didn’t want to bring a stationary pouch. So I tried to bring a pen or two. I stored them in my pouch – along with tissues, lip balm etc. And I kinda forget that they exist as I have plenty of pens when I reach work. So in the end, I gave up bringing them. I don’t really need to write anything while I am traveling to work cos the journey is really short. But if I need to write something, then I don’t have a pen! Being a stationary geek, I need to have a pen with me all the times!

Beside that, someone used to comment I have way too much pouch in my bags. I am a pouch person cos I need to organise my stuffs!

So yeah, I need that kind of bag.

The bag that I was watching in the YouTube video is Handbag of Holding from ThinkGeek. I was attracted by the many compartments. So dead useful for people like me. But I wasn’t fan of the colour! Although the material made it so easy to put on buttons and pins which I wanted to do to one of my lovely bags! Beside this is a old model. They just update the Bag of Holding so I will wait to see if there is any update to this?!

In the end, I picked something from Baggallini due to the highly positive reviews I read online.

So time to say goodbye to those bags that have the “look” but no real “functionality”.


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