Review GeekGear Wearable #1

The below post included full content. So do not view if you don’t want to be spoil 😀

My first wearable box arrived yesterday!

It arrived later than most subscribers as it has to travel 6,813 miles to reach here!

For the first box, I decided to take up a “red” house subscription instead of my own lol but there wasn’t any house specific items. But anyway I have changed!

This box is kinda boring. I know it’s wearable… but I am hoping for something than just T-shirts. Honestly, I have a love/hate thing for Tshirts. I have too much of it and can’t wear them often.

As for the beanie, well, being in a all-summer country, we will not be able to use it at all! HA!

Now for the comments on the quality etc…
The size is big for a petite person. I commented on their FB and the support encouraged to go for Kids Size XL. So I have changed.

The shirt are from a vendor that made from bangladesh. I can’t remember the company but I do remember its 90% cotton. But it is quite soft and comfortable. I just have to try and see if it hold up that well as compared to my Teefury shirts (My favourite shirt company!).

The prints are quite unique and creative. Probably exclusive to GG. I like that they are subtle on being HP related. I mean I have all my official shirts to declare my obsession 🙂

The t shirts are from this company called Gildan. I tried on. They are longer than my usual tees from teefury and less comfortable (more thin!).  They are most likely to be unisex hence the length is off!

Here’s the full prints and some comments…

b4d4cbdf-07bc-4e30-80ff-c3d10a8e2b32_zpsnzahn8zdThis is my favourite among the 3. It comes in the lovely red colour. It is not too dark or too bright with the infamous quote from Dumbledore and a stag patronus in the lovely yellow shade. The colour combination is nice!


Well, I never like anything grey. Grey shirt, Grey cardigan, grey pen, grey wallet… And of course I don’t like this. Even if the graphic of Fawkes is kinda lovely. I don’t think I ever seen any shirts with Fawkes. But I probably give this to someone else.


The background is nice. I think the gradient is great. But I feel that the shape could be used to represent something rather than just shading the background. The spec and lighting bolt probably is the obvious as most people who think about harry potter immediately. The font they used should be changed also. Something similar to the infamous HP font probably.



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