I deleted my imgur account today

So I wanted to post pictures to Reddit.. after reading that you should uploaded on Imgur, I uploaded (like what I always do on Photobucket) the image & post. Today I log on my imgur and I received 6 vote down. WTH? And some guy showing a imgur post on how to post my photo properly. Apparently these people feel my photo are personal and shouldn’t be in “public”.  Whatever and how did it get into “public” stream I have no idea. I just upload like what I would have done on Photobucket.

Come on, I was just trying to host the photo and share it on Reddit. Do you have to judge and promote “negative”?

I don’t understand why they should vote up or down anyway… this is not a social site! If it’s a image hosting site then it shouldn’t have the vote function. A proper image hosting site like Photobucket should let people upload their photos and full stop.

So since I couldn’t agree with how imgur operated, I deleted my account and the app.


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