25 Feb 2017

I decided to do a roundup post this week as I have so much thoughts!

Spend/Expense Tracking
I have been attempting to do a tracking many times. And I always failed as I given up after a couple of weeks. Now I decided to attempt again… which brings me to the topic!

There are 3 ways of doing the tracking:
Paper & pen
I always keep a planner. My friend gave me a light weight Hello Kitty scheduler from Daiso Japan! I used it to record my spend (excluding food & drink). This is my first attempt using this method. Previously, I wrote on the main planner itself. The success rate is about 50%. I don’t always look at the scheduler like I would look at the planner. I didn’t build up the habit of writing it down after spending. But since most spends are online, it allows me to backdate them. But for food or drink items, I could lose the record as I don’t remember the amount. The scheduler has limited space hence there is no space to do other functions like summing up the spends. But it is good for recording cos if you write down, you would never forget. I am a very paper and pen person.
I always keep documents at Google drive for easy editing on the go as I access different devices (work laptop, mobile phone and my own MacBook). The obvious reason for using this is not needing to carry around a notebook and changes are reflected instantly. Easy calculation like budgeting and summing up of spend can be added on to determine the budget/spend. At work, I sometimes get too busy and didn’t get the opportunity to open the spreadsheet. So the success rate is about 50% too. However, like all other digital thingy, I always prefer paper and pen. I tried using apps/online tools to build up my to do list but I always go back to the paper and pen. It helps me think better and improve productivity.
App is the newly method that I just started. I do not like to rely on apps because I feel that it’s as reliable as Paper and Pen. You could record tons of stuffs and it just disappear. Actually I did have similar experience – my old blog from another blogsite which I uses for years just disappear one day. I could get the archive back. But it isn’t the same! So after that, I tried not to rely on technology if it is something I want to retrieve years later. Perhaps it is not quite applicable in this case as it is highly unlikely that you would look back after a couple of years. So my friend recommended Wally to us. I decided to use it as it look like what I was looking for. The main thing about such app is that it should be colourful so you will have the motivation to record 🙂 And well, we have mobile phone with us most of the times… except the time where you are bathing etc. So it is easy to enter the record. However, like the previous two methods, the habit has to build up. I haven’t explore the full functionality of the app yet but it seems like it allows budgeting and will notify you when you “hit” your budget.

Overall, as you can see, the success rate of the two methods that I have attempted is only 50%. I am trying a third method to see if it works better. In the meantime, I have to keep brainstorming…

I watched 2 movies yesterday and today! Yesterday, I went to the cinema and caught the Batman Lego Movie with a couple of friends. No need ask my favourite moment, but old voldy appearances really bring smiles to me. I wouldn’t mind a lego movie with the full cast. It could be a silly, lame and funny movie with thousands of references! Something for the fans to experience the wizarding world in a different way but never as a movie that we would recommend to people.

I purchased BFG Blu Ray disc 3 weeks ago at a local store. It was expensive but I wanted to test a Blu Ray disc with my new player. So the movie isn’t particularly interesting but it wasn’t too boring either. I wasn’t familiar with the original story – not quite a reader when I was young. But it pretty much covered everything. As for the blu ray disc, it is way cheaper to buy online! I am waiting for the release of Fantastic Beasts!

Audio books
I ditched the audio books temporary! It was quite hard to find a time to listen to them on weekdays. And on weekends, I have other activities. My commuting time is also quite short on weekdays. So there is no way I could enjoy a audio book. Perhaps I will reattempt them again a couple of months later. I am putting the audio book in my wish list. Maybe I should get the actual audio books rather than using YouTube.

Subscription Box
Well with my history with subscription box, I avoided them pretty much. Until recently. With my new (old) obsession with HP, it is hard not to pick up a subscription or two. Well, to be honest, I have 3! But one doesn’t seem to be shipping anytime soon. One is on its way to me, and I just subscribed to a new one last week. They are pricey in my opinion. But I am getting a couple of months to see how they goes.

And I always thought it is fun to pick up a subscription box for books. You know being a reader, it would be fun to open a box to read a book or two which you would never get. I never found the right one. They are either too boring or too expensive. But I found the perfect one. The theme next month is what I always love – Sailors, Sea & Ship. But I am waiting for more spoiler before committing to get one box.

I used Pebble for a short while 1-2 years ago? Then things got chaotic when I have far too many watches (4 to be exact!)… I always forget to charge and then, I kinda forget about it and wear regular watch. I have been trying to sell them off but it wasn’t easy. Pebble as many would have know has been sold off. The support from the new company would be for a year. So Pebble watches are kinda “devalued”. Well, I don’t sell things to earn an living. I have my regular job so I rather not sell it if people are looking to snag a cheap deal from this. Unfortunately for these people, I don’t need quick cash. Anyway I decided to start wearing it instead. I started with the original which is the first watch I have. And I have been enjoying it. It has been easier to monitor the battery level with just one watch. I probably going to use it until it officially die. Maybe I will rotate it with Pebble Time as it has colour! And it is so much easy to customise with your own watch face. I am not super concern about the support after a year. Pebble has a huge market of user. so I am pretty sure someone from the internet will comes up with something for everyone. I would be glad to pay to get things going.






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