Wands are expensive

I don’t want to be mean. But honestly, some people are just so ridiculous!

So I posted an advertisement asking if anyone is interested in getting their Pottermore wands. I am getting someone in US to crave it from wood and it takes few weeks blah blah

Someone responded and show me her pottermore wand and ask for quotation. I asked her what is her budget?
She told me she is fine with anything below $10.
I mean come on….Are you kidding me?
I told her “you can’t even get a plastic wand with that amount“…Which so true.
Whether it’s licensed or non-licensed wand, even the plastic wands will cost more than 10bucks.
This is wood. real wood.
what do you expect?
I am pretty sure I mentioned the part about hand making by hand. What? You think you can just pick a branch from the park and make it into a wand?
And I am quite sure 10bucks can’t  even pay for the shipping. Honestly.

I mean it’s fine if you can’t afford it etc. But you have to realistic right. If you can’t afford it, then don’t even ask. Time waster. I blocked her immediately.


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