Horrible train experience

For a longest time, I was quite lucky to have missed those train issues. Sometimes I got into the subsequent trains and it was more crowded than usual. But yesterday, I find myself caught in the middle of a train fault.

So my train was moving towards the station with the train fault. I was stucked in the train for 25 mins or so. Finally it reached the platform after the delay. To my horror, the platform is packed full of people. When I wanted to get out, nobody want to give way and wanted to push their way to get into the train. I have to push myself through the crowd. Horrible! I know everyone is anxious to get to work. (Actually what is the anxious? You are already late. So no matter how “fast” you rush, you wouldn’t get there on time anyway!) But why can’t you just let people out? Furthermore, you should always give space for people to alight instead of occupying the whole platform. Having said that, the staffs could have manage it better. Staffs should be deployed to stop people from going into the platform. They tried to do that after that. I saw people waiting downstairs. But better crowd control should be implemented. I don’t think anyone appreciate being push on a Monday morning!

I saw an colleague after that and we decided to walk to the office (thanks god it is only 15 mins walk away!) as the buses are full as well.

I have something urgent to attend to and didn’t have time for breakfast. Horrible day!


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