Review – Zazzle

After reviewing various options, I decided to get my Hufflepuff Crest Tee on Zazzle!

1) It’s official and licensed 🙂
2) They were having sale – so it’s either 30% or 40% off!
3) The price (after discount) is pretty decent for that kind of product.
4) They ship to alot of places internationally. Shipping is however not free. It cost usd18.99 to ship a shirt, budget tote & a mug for me.
5) You get to pick your base colour – I decided to go with black but I might get a white or maroon next?
6) They are printed on AA tees. I have AA tees at home. They are super comfortable and well-worth the price!
7) You can get other products like bags, mug etc too. And there is so much design to choose.

Production is super fast. It took only 1-2 working days. Then it was shipped! It takes about 11 days to arrive!

The shirt is good. It is like everything I thought!

However I’m disappointed with the tote. I’m not expecting a really good tote. But this tote is really like what it’s named. It’s really budget looking and thin. Even the handle look like it will break off if you carry too much. As comparison, the totes from society6 is much better. Sure it’s much more expensive but at least it’s well worth the price. For usd7.35, this budget tote isn’t really that worth it.

[Updated] After using the tote on a casual friday, I am happy to say it didn’t break! i carried my usual stuffs (wallet, cards, power bank, pouch, umbrella + planner) and it works fine. However, do note my stuffs are light! It is probably good for light stuffs only!


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