Books that I hate 

A couple of weeks ago, a friend came to my house. So I shown her to my room. Of all things to notice, she saw twilight on my bookshelf (yes I know. I will get rid of it!) and commented she and her other friends love it. I simply say you and your friends have bad taste HAHAHAHA

Well it’s as if I didn’t give it a chance. It is on my bookshelf so it means at some point of my life I read it. There are only two books I really hate in my lifetime – the lovely bones and twilight. I am usually generous with my rating and gives books 3 or 4 stars. But for these two, I can only give 2 or less. I don’t think I ever complete the series. But the first book was quite enough for me. I simply cannot appreciate it! As compared, I enjoyed reading the host from the same author. It was much better written in my opinion.

Other books that I don’t quite enjoy is the lord of the rings. I have a hard time processing some pages. And it took me a few months to finish the 3 books! But I think I might re-read again sometimes! As compared, the hobbit is easier to read.

And I tried reading wolf hall but I don’t even know what I was reading. It is also in my try to attempt list.

I always get stuck in the first few pages of under the dome. Well I should attempt that again as Stephen king is one of my other favorite authors and I like all his books especially Carrie and the shining.


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