Review – Freepeople

The stuffs on Freepeople (FP) are rather pricey. I have no idea if the clothes or bag are any good. Their vegan bag look like those mass produced at China but priced at a higher value to represent “luxe” vegan bag. As compared, I prefer buying from Matt & Nat. Although they are produced at China but they designed them. Furthermore they used recycled bottle for the lining. 

I was looking at a pair of legging and it cost 58?! The most expensive legging I ever buy is from AA. But I only buy it cos it’s super comfortable. No way I’m spending that amount on a legging from elsewhere!

But anyway I bought something in Dec 16 as it looks super cute. They have free shipping so I purchased two small items and ship to a forwarder. They do ship directly but you need to buy USD150 or something. I’m not so keen to spend so much. The regular free shipping for US is USD100.

A cardholder cum Wallet. USD18. It’s sold out now on FP.  I like it that they combined pink with rose gold zip and keychain. IMO It’s pricey for a card holder. I rather spend abit more and get a fabric one from Etsy. But I couldn’t resist the all over heart print. The description say vegan leather but it’s probably just PU. It’s made in China. 

Shipping was fast – took only 1 day before it was shipped out. 
I have started using it today. I like the size. It holds my regular card – an access card (work), my identity card, my debit card and some cash. And it can hold 2 more cards. The size is good if you do not want to bring your regular wallet. But not sure how long it will lasts. Let’s see! 


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