I need a blu ray player!

I am not quite a huge fan of the movie version of HP. But then, I don’t exactly hate it. I guess I am like many fans (of the book) out there – there is always something not right with the movie. But anyway despite that, I have 2 DVDs for EACH movie. The first version are the individual ones that I gotten when I first started to watch the movies. Then 2 years ago (I think!), I purchased a all-in-one package cos I wanted to binge watch them.

I never open it as I was always so busy. It wasn’t those really expensive ones but a very basic set with all the movies in a disc. So today, I decided to start my binge watching. But it did not go according to plan. Somehow my LG DVD player was down. I spend the next 20mins or so trying to figure out what went wrong. But in the end, I still couldn’t get it to work. We have a second DVD/CD/Radio player at home. From the brand name, I am quite positive that it is a china brand. I was so happy that it works. But I tried to put in my disc….. It took a long time to load. So I open and try another disc (CoS). BUT IT COULDN’T LOAD. I cannot remember where I get my disc from. But I never have a problem playing those DVD from amazon. Yes you can play them internationally. You just need to “unlock” region code. Since it is quite obvious that it is not working, I went to my room and took my other PS DVD. It took a short while to get started but it finally play…. But it get stuck at the scene where the troll was knocked out. So I stop the disc and open it again. I tried fast forward but it got stuck at the same scene. Feeling frustrated, I went to iTune to see how much it would cost to get the digital copies. It wasn’t cheap. Okay, it is cheap if you break down by 8 movies and you get to own it. I can watch it on my MacBook… But why would I spend another 100bucks again?! So I think and decided that I need to get a new player!!

For a few years, I never thought of getting a Blu Ray player. Silly me – I always thought those player can’t play the normal DVD. But it wouldn’t make sense as DVD player can play VCD. But not the other way round. So I decided to get a Blu Ray player. Yes, I know… lots of people don’t even buy DVD anymore. But I still enjoy watchng DVD as I love to watch things on a big screen… So I am going to spend some times to research on the different player models.

My first concern is of course getting one that allow region free.

After doing some research, I believe that there isn’t something call region free. Only Oppo (Yes the same mobile phone company from China) advertised it as multi-region. It was recommended by people who actually watch Blu Ray with all the sound setup. But its pricey and they don’t sell it at normal electronic store.
Well, I don’t have a super fancy tv. Ours is the a normal LED tv from Samsung. Then I don’t need the sounds effect as I am sitting in my living room. So my concern is to able to play all the DVDs I have from amazon. Cos we are in region 3 and they are region 1. But for blu ray disc (I have none as of today), I guess there is no problem as we are in the same region as US.
Then I realise there is a new term – UHD? It sounds like an upgrade to the current “blu ray” technology but again, do I need it? As my tv is a normal tv set.
Whatever player I decided to get. I am going to get fantastic beasts as my first! I was reading a thread on reddit. I wasn’t the only one who don’t understand Mr Scamander sometimes as he seems to be mumbling.

So I got it! A Samsung player. Its not the latest model or anything. In fact, it’s from 2015 from my research. It’s 3D but my tv don’t have 3D (I think…) I was thinking of getting a UHD one but I don’t even have a UHD tv (and not planning to get one) so why would I need such a fancy player? So I decided to get a cheaper one. I am happy as long as it can play the DVD or disc I wanted.



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