New stuffs!

Since it’s a new year again, so I decided to talk about new stuffs….

New header – Okay, obviously it’s kinda odd and it’s kinda not quite HD. But this would be temporary until I find a decent one.

New look – so I change the font and colour to follow the colour scheme.

New (old) interest – As mentioned in one of my previous posts, I have an new-old interest! So I would be blogging more about it…. In the meantime, I am also clearing some of my stuffs to make room for my interest. In a way, it also helps me to remove things that I couldn’t get rid off previously due to sentimental value.

Old interests to keep – So minimalism is still kinda of my thing. I would be reminding myself to buy only what I need and to live with less things 🙂

As for fashion, I would remind myself to only buy what I need and probably trying to cut down to clothes that are comfortable and more sustainable!

Last year, I tried going into bits of the “nautical” style which I love. In future, I would be investing in clothes that are more sustainable and probably in this style. In the meantime, I have to learn to practice “the need not want” concept!





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