Melissa x TSCS satchels

I always want a satchel! They are so old school and so everything. But the problem is good company like TCSC made them using real leather. There is no way I am buying a leather product!

Last year, i purchased some satchel-looking bags from a Thailand company, Merimies

They are made in PU and in Thailand itself. They look nice for a little while. But sadly, after a while, I found them way too bulky! The base is quite wide….You can’t really carry things like umbrella cost the bag itself is very hard. And I need to carry umbrella everyday.

Recently, TCSC released a new collabration with Melissa – Yes, The rubber shoes company! I am a big fan of Melissa shoes as they are really nice and all vegan. 🙂

Ahhh look! it’s the classic style but totally vegan!

But I decided not buy….
1) I do not need another bag 😦
2) I realise I am terrible at storing bags like this.
3) I just don’t have the space to hang them anywhere.

Well, one of my goals this year is to cut down the number of bags I need. Maybe by then, I would find a genuine need to get this. Till then, I am not spending.


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