My obsession with Harry Potter

Latest update – I am obsessed with Harry Potteragain!

I have been a fan since…. well, I can’t remember. But GoF is the first book I purchased. So its somewhere there. I have been re-reading the books every few months. Then I kinda stop last year with work and study and everything else. I divided my time between other things that I am crazy over – Lost, LotR, X-Files etc. Then a few days ago, I decided it is high time that I should re-read the books again. You know, when you started the first book, you absolutely cannot stop until you finished. So I spend the next days between lunch, work and bedtime to finish all seven books!

After finishing the book, I was “lost” for a night or two. Wondering what I should do now? Then I decided to watch Fantastic beasts! It was open in between the period of my exams. So I didn’t watch it. Okay, I didn’t really like or hate it. But I kinda get obsessed with the wizarding world again.

Then I went to the site that I always go to – Mugglenet & Pottermore (of course) to catch up on news and stuffs I have been missing…. There is so much stuffs on Pottermore that I haven’t read.

Some stuffs I did:
– Purchase a mystery keyring pack at a local bookstore and I got….. Ron! (MY FAVOURITE CHARACTER!!) So lucky! There are 8 or 9 designs so I am so happy!!!!


  • Sort myself at Pottermore – I got into Hufflepuff! It was a bit shock…. as I never expect myself to be Hufflepuff!
  • Ordered the Harry Potter subscription box at LootCrate. Yes I know, considering the past history I have with subscription box (I decided it was too much!) but I couldn’t resist. This is HARRY POTTER! The next theme seems to be related to house. I am quite excited as I don’t own much from my house.
  • Ordered some stuffs from Hot Topic… Got a sweater and lanyard for my house 🙂  I need a scarf, robe and beanie!! 😀  My Hot Topic order didn’t go through. It is so fustrating. Tried both credit card and PayPal payment but both didn’t work. Send an enquiry to the CS. But they are useless :/ Asked me to call the bank but I am so positive that it wasn’t anything related to that. I have an recurring payment on Paypal so I am positive my Paypal is fine. (On a side note, I called Paypal to as my account was locked. Guess what? The CS is so nice. He gave me $20 (!!!!) for being an long time customer. My account was set up in 2005!)
  • Out of frustration, I got my Hufflepuff scarf and beanie! It is cheap so I doubt it is anything official….
  • Got some kawaii bag charm and stuff toys
  • A HUFFLEPUFF RUG from Thinkgeek. It is on sale but the shipping costs almost as much as the rug itself. But I need to get it as I doubt I can find anything like this anymore… I shouldn’t be complaining since they can ship this internationally. (I saw a tapestry on Amazon that ship oversea. But somehow Hufflepuff costs more than other houses. Being a smart shopper, I am tracking the price. But I may not get it as I don’t have a place to hang tapestry.)

I have a few books to get. Including those wonderful Fantastic beasts books. I will wait for next month as I spend way too much on the HP merchandise for this month already 😦 well, I don’t own much HP merchandise. I have a Gryffindor scarf, a Ron (of course!) funko, some clothes from Primark, UK, some toys, 2 wands, cards, bookmarks etc. I didn’t have much honestly. But of course, I have to exercise some control as I cannot be buying everything I see. haha.


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