bring back the old groupon

I used to enjoy shopping at Groupon due to the fabulous “deal” they have. But in the recent year, Groupon has transformed itself into a marketplace instead of a place where people go and find deals. There are simply too many deals going on. But most of the deals aren’t attractive as they are just things like clothes, bags etc that you can get anywhere else.

If I want to buy something from an marketplace, I would go to Amazon, Taobao or Qoo10. I will NOT patronise Groupon.

Groupon deals used to be quite exclusive. It was easy and fun to navigate. But there are so much “deals” now… I only stay at the website for like 30 sec everytime I visit. Because there are simply too many deals and it is tedious to scroll through only to find the deals not being quite like a deal. So it ended up not being as unique as it would be. I remember one of my lecturers alway say this – In order to have competitive advantage, you should have something where your competitors don’t have. I am not a business person of course. But as a consumer, I just find Groupon losing its unique feature.


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