28 Dec 2016

My answer is always the same when I being asked what I am planning to do for christmas and new year – Spring cleaning for the new year! Traditionally, we will do spring cleaning as in prepare for the upcoming chinese new year. This period is always the best time as it is a good idea to start early! With the promotion going around in the stores, it is best to avoid visiting the malls. I have started doing this for 3-4 years and it remains as one of the activity. This year is extremely important as I haven’t been organising well due to my hectic schedule with school and work. With school being over for good, I can now concentrate better.

So I started yesterday and continue for a few hours today. It was great thinking about all the decluttering I have done.

-Almost all the invoices from buying things online. This has been accumulated since I start buying things which is like years ago. So there is a stack of papers and I decided to throw them away. I would never look at it anyway!
– Some magazine and newspaper cutting and brochures. I haven’t accumulate a lot but well, they should go to the bin!
– some old cards. Totally useless
– a couple of gifts from undesirable people. Ha.
– some old CDs. I used to love buying CDs back in those days as it is the only way to get music. But with iTunes, I kinda stop buying CDs. It help to save space anyway. I still have lots of CDs. But I decided to keep only the ones that I really love.
– bags. I have been trying to reduce my bag collection. Nothing much have been accomplish and I am still buying bags. But I am happy to throw out a couple of them once a in while.
– poster. I have a love/hate thing for poster. They are nice to look at but yet, they waste space and I wouldn’t put them up. So I decided to throw away those that I no longer love.

I will continue to organise, decluttering and minimising next week.

And  I started using my new planner. Yay!

So last year, I experimented with a few planners. Finally, I picked this – Le Petit Prince Weekly notebook diary planner from Moleskine!

1) I love the weight! The problem I have last year was the weight with Plum planner. Yes it is great with all the space and customisation. But it was too heavy and I ended up not getting much out of it. sigh.
2) I like Moleskine paper. It is smooth to write on!
3) Le petit prince is always one of my favourite. But you couldn’t find their stuffs easily. I picked this over peanuts which I love too!
4) The size is great. The writing space is just nice. It’s not a lot. But I realise that I don’t need a lot of space like I would write so much in it. But it’s not too small either. Until I have to squeeze my handwriting.
5) It’s hardcover but not too hard. The cover is hard enough for protection but it’s not too hard either.
6) You could never go wrong with Moleskine!

Actually, mainly it was due to a voucher I have! I walked around the bookstore for a long time and this is the only thing I wanted.  My wish for this year is always the same – hopefully I would plan with more diligence.  🙂







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