July Stationary Haul – Tokyu Hands & Miniso

I decided to visit Tokyu Hands today as I have been wanting to get a new notebook!

 photo DEF5B501-3EDA-4287-8A05-631E9A9A639D_zpszqsz6his.jpg

Before I could get into Tokyu Hands, I was greeted by a new Miniso outlet.
I wouldn’t say  that I am a huge fan of them. Ya, their stuffs are really cheaper. But they are all Made In China. The main problem is their packaging seems so rip off from other brands. But then, they do have a wide range of interesting products. They are a little bit like Daiso… cos they have everything from stationary to cosmetic products 🙂

So I saw they have this reasonable priced fountain pens at SGD3.00 so I grabbed without thinking. It comes with the refill cartridge too!!! They have white and black too. For fountain pen, I tried not to buy black or white as they seems boring. And I have an major obsession with pens. I believe everyone around me realised that. And the green colour is just the perfect colour.

Then, I saw these cheap soft cover notebooks with nautical prints. So…… I grabbed all the available designs without thinking. Each set turned out to be SGD3.00. They have decent plain hardcover ones too in shade like pink, yellow etc! But knowing the paper quality of these cheap notebooks, I decided to give them a miss. I haven’t start using them yet. Keeping it for vacation 🙂 But I won’t be expecting too much.

Then I quickly paid and left the shop before any more damages could be done.

So, Tokyu Hands also restocked the Anello bags!

 photo DC4B9692-C662-4EDC-9649-E2D7E138BFE8_zpsd3a3m3h5.jpg

I saw at least 5 people buying it when I was walking around the store. I was indeed tempted to get the small size boston bag. But I don’t feel like spending 50bucks on a bag yet. Beside, they still do not have wine colour in that design. I have been waiting forever for Anello to release that. Although the wine backpack is tempting too, but I know that I do not need any backpack at all!

I moved on to the stationary sections and grabbed the campus notebook.

(I must be too excited to see the campus notebook as I had a stomachache!)

After thinking and thinking, I decided to get the 5-packs as they have the limited design (It is the same price at SGD9.90!!) and a pack of loose paper. At the counter, I was given 2 free ones! Yay for freebie! 🙂

I also get the new Uni Signo pens as they have new limited design with Hello Kitty and My Melody. Since I now preferred Sarasa clip than any other pens, I decided to get only one design for each character.

 photo 127AA396-0188-4959-BB77-33D9F714C26E_zpsthpqhqtq.jpg

I must say I really love the campus notebooks. I started with the free ones as I didn’t want to open the shrink-wrapped ones. It write really well using my Sarasa Clip (of course!). I feel like throwing away all my other notebooks at home. HAHAHA!


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