Review – Anello Tote Bag

I finally decided to purchase an Anello Tote bag!


Anello is a popular Japanese brand. If you shop often at Qoo10, you will see many listing. I have been tempted to get their bag for a long time. But I have 3 kinds of backpack. Hence I do not have any use of backpack! I was then tempted to get their tote bag but again, I have too much tote bag. I finally decided to get it as I carry my MacBook to work now. Hence I need a bag that I can use to put my MacBook. My current bags are either too big or too small or do not have enough space to put the pouch and MacBook. So, using some points I have, I managed to get $9 off!

For Anello bag (on Qoo10), There are many sellers claiming to be carrying the same authentic bag from Japan. Buying it from Japan sellers or the department store directly will cost 2-3 times more. After doing some thorough research, I realise there isn’t any difference from the seller I got from and the Japanese version. Hence I decided to skip the hassle and buy from this seller. It came with original packaging and tag. So I am happy with it!

I decided to get the grey colour although usually I will avoid such colour (: But I thought this grey colour is quite interesting. I was decide between dark orange and grey. But I decided to go for grey. If I have the opportunity to get the small one, I would consider dark orange.

For people who have not use an anello bag before, their special designing for opening of the bag is the main selling point. It open really wide hence it make easier to get stuffs etc. It may not suit everyone as I have heard of complaints from people before. The tote bag works on the same concept. Although it is well-designed, but closing the zip can be a bit challenging!

Beside the opening and zip, the shape of the tote is also different from the usual tote bag. Hence when packing your things, it can be fussy to pack them accordingly to the odd shape!

The volume of the large tote bag is really good as it provide a lot of space. I can fit in everything I need for the day – including a MacBook 12″ inch, Umbrella, Water bottle etc! So I would say it is rather comfortable size.

The only complaint I have is the handle. I feel that it is too short. But then I always uses the shoulder strap so it is all good. Sometimes the strap can be uncomfortable. But this strap is wide enough to be carrying comfortably.

I am rather satisfied with this bag and would recommend it!







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