My favourite pen

I never had a particular brand or model of pen that I really love… I just use whatever that I buy. And last year, I went into  this “crazy-pen-buying” mode. I have been resisting buying pens every other days haha (:

So…. after using a few pens, I found my love ❤

It is….

f9994760-0420-464c-92d4-bbf7f6c4c4eb_zpsbqs28najThis is just one of the many that I have purchased. (:

I take a lot of notes and loves writing in my free time. And I have a lot of exams this year. I have at least 8th exams so far. Going into an exam hall with a good pen is really important!!

Zebra Sarasa clip just write so well. I don’t know if you have that experience – when you are using a pen, then suddenly it stop writing… the ink don’t flow or something. The ink has not run out. so…. It is irritating! I never have problem with Zebra Sarasa clip!

I have used Uniball Signo RT. As compare, I like Zebra Sarasa clip better!

Another reason why I like Zebra Sarasa clip is also because of the design! They release new designs every now and then. Beside the london series which I have just brought, I also have the snoopy series, the chupa chups series & the french casual series. I skipped the florist series & Kumamon series as I don’t really like the design! But if you do see something you like at your local stationary shop, just buy as its limited edition 😀





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