Quick update

It has been a looooong time since I posted something! I have been so so so busy! When I have free time, I was busy trying to catch up with life basically.

I bought a new MacBook!
I decided to buy one because of some personal reasons. Most importantly, my old MacBook pro is getting slower.

723c5515-5215-401f-b1b7-a30c80128a8a_zpstmtyp9nxThe print on the box in the lovely gold rose!

8e984a53-9ec5-4859-9b51-ee8c8685e2d7_zpsvxallyh4Beautiful ❤

94b8b01f-d80b-4326-b523-f2acb82dc05c_zpsq4rcgbqpI have been bringing this to work everyday! 🙂 My charger is in the drawstring pouch!

708b0bd8-816b-4651-8779-ae93d7776c2e_zpsxtidur49Yay for productivity ❤

I basically just need it for surfing net, writing documents, doing slides and playing music. It works just fine for me! Yes, the only one USB C port is frustrating. But it hasn’t cause any problem so far as I don’t use thumbdrive (not as much!) or charge my iPhone (I use a plug!). I have not been using a mouse either which I thought would be a big problem for me. But it turns out to be just fine. But probably with a  mouse, it would be much faster. As for my old MacBook, I am still using it as my old data are still inside. I would probably clear it in August or so. However, I went to taobao to buy an adapter as it is selling much cheaper than the apple stores. I’ll talk more about this when I received it. If you are looking for a cheaper pouch, taobao is also a place to look =)

With the Macbook, I decided to login  to my wordpress to post something!

Most of the assignments/tests are over! But it doesn’t mean I get to rest…. Exam is coming up in the next month which is rather stressful. I think I am coping well. I have placed in more efforts as 1) I paid for my school fee 2) It is something I enjoyed studying….

Some of the classes are interesting while others are just boring…. Nevertheless, I enjoy learning!! 🙂

I have not been using my planner much 😦 I no longer have the luxury to do planning. If there is any assignment due that week, Honestly, It would be just doing assignment for the whole week. So I don’t find any motivation to update anything.

Having said that, I realise heavy planners like plum planner, Day Designer or even Erin Condren planner does not suit me at all!

I am unable to bring them around :/ Hence, it really deficit the purpose!! It may be good for people who are creative and really have tons of tasks to do.

So for next year, I am either sticking to Frankie or trying Kikki K or personal planner.

Although my planning has went down, but I still find planning very important. It is really important to write down things you wanted to achieve in order to start to really do things. Hopefully next year would be better as I would be graduating next year!

Recently, I have not been a good mood constantly. Well, there is so much to say… but it is kinda hard to put down in words… let me try anyway….

1) I believe it is important to consider the consequences of your actions. I believe everyone do something for a purpose. But most of the times, people do not consider the consequences. If your action would affect others, then perhaps you should take time to reflect. In other word, mind your own business if it doesn’t concern you!

2) When things went wrong, it is not just one person’s fault. Every conflicts happen because of two individual. Each of them have their own point of view. One wise man told me to view things as from a fourth party’s perspective.

3) Everyone have their own characters, differences, views and perspective. You cannot expect others to react like you. Neither you can expect people to be following your method of handling things.

4) Everyone have their right to have feelings. It doesn’t matter what kind of feeling they are. We are human not robot.


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