How to be happy?

This question has been on my mind constantly for the past few weeks or so. I thought I was happy but then some things happened and I wasn’t happy anymore. Then I realise I wasn’t happy for a long time. It is probably the time for me to get happy again!

I am not going into details… of whatever that has happened. A quote from one my favourite tv show, “Whatever happened, happened…“. So I shall move on!

This poster is really useful!happy1
1) In order to be happy, you have to change something! This is fortunately easy for me. Because I knew what was causing my unhappiness. I am working towards making that change happens. Again, I am not going into much details as I just don’t feel like explaining the situation.  Coincidentally one of my classes of an new degree that I have taken up is on organisational change. One of the model I learn which is super useful is called Lewin’s change model. It is time to apply what I have learned!

2) Surrounded with positive quotes. I have been working towards a positive lifestyle for a couple of years. One of the things that I find useful is to surround myself with positive quotes. The most simple thing to do is to google “positive quotes”, print, cut and paste at the workstation. I am doing a minor revamp at my workstation so nothing much has been pasted yet. But I have done this previously and found it really useful. Other than positive quotes, it is also useful to print out stuffs related to a favourite tv shows. Another favourite quotes of mine from lost is “It only ends once. anything happens before that is just progress.” Being an avid reader, I find quotes from famous authors like George Orwell useful as well – “Happiness can exist only in acceptance.”

3) Don’t listen to others – except your close friends. I found out that a major mistake that I have made is that I talked to too many people. This causes my disrupted mind to be much more disrupted and I lost my direction. and yay unhappiness! One keep bugging me to give up on “something”. While I appreciated her concerns and advices, but it doesn’t help… at all. That “something” wasn’t contributing to my unhappiness. In fact, it was the very opposite. So I realise who are the real ones that I can talk to and I will keep it this way.  Talking about people, It is definitely important who you choose to hang out with. Remember this – Better be positive alone than with the negative crowd. =) 

4) Stay simple. I was watching this documentary on Youtube on Bhutan and Vanuatu. The citizens there are really happy. And that is because they have a simple life! Of course in order to do that, it is best to adopt to the “minimalism” lifestyle. As I was quite busy with stuffs for the past three months, I admit that I have not been thinking about my minimalism much. I will definitely pick this up again as I need to concentrate on exam for the time being.

5) Continue to enjoy what you love doing. I sort of lost myself…. and stop doing some stuffs that contributed to my happiness – e.g. reading a book and writing. So my happiness index dropped. It is important to know what you enjoy doing. I have a friend who told me she doesn’t know what she likes doing. Nobody can help you on this. Pick up a hobby and enjoy life.

6) Have a dream. I have a “dream” and I shall not elaborate on it hehehe. I realise a lot of people misunderstood my “dream”. It is a “dream” that keep me happy and alive. They thought that I wish for something to happen to that “dream”. But it doesn’t matter what kind of outcome I will have. It is something that keep me happy, that’s all I need!

7) Keep a journal. I talked too much lately but I realise they are not helping. I love writing and keeping  a journal is a great way to “vent” my frustration and reflects.


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