It has been more than 6 hours since the “incident” and I am still trying to digest and process…

I have been emotional lately as I am having a tough life – I am sick with a bad cough, stress with assignments, having bad luck with love and just not feeling very positive. But something happened crippled me completely and I had a breakdown.

I always believe in fundamental human right. People have the freedom to do what they wanted as long as they don’t hurt another person. But I am wrong… Sometimes people are just too selfish and so “individualism” that they do not care for others. I wasn’t hurting anyone. I was making an effort to continue what I am supposed to do even though I am quite sick. I believed what I said was correct – If anyone can choose, nobody wanted to be sick. Everyone wanted to be healthy than to be in this sickening situation. Why was I being pushed over for being sickness that I didn’t choose. It was wrong to take away someone’s fundamental right just because someone feel that it is affecting others. You can suggest to that person… But it does not mean that someone have to follow what you suggested because this is not a policy that people should be following. We are all adult and professional. Why must a fellow human being be so restricted to being a “follower” in terms of a personal issue? Why can’t we have the freedom to be a “leader” and judge for ourselves since this is a personal issue? Maybe I wasn’t being sensitive enough. But this is the real world. A cough do not recover by miracle. Maybe taking an extra step by being more compassionate to a fellow human being is what we need. Humanity.

On the other hand, I know (and I am still doing it..) that I am terrible at handling emotion. And I am still learning!


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