Writing / Presentation

When I started this blog, I wanted this blog to be my personal space for writing. I always wanted to be a writer which is something of a impossible dream as people who are actually in this industry write so damn well right.

My parents are not educated. So I didn’t know or understand the important of education when I was young. As a result, my English language was never¬†really that good. In fact, it was until the adulthood that I realise I needed to “upgrade” my language in order to write better. I started reading a lot and tried to write a lot. I cannot say I am anywhere near excellent. But I am definitely better than average! It would be a lifetime goal. Maybe I can finally write a book when I retired. haha!

Anyway, I have an presentation next week for my class. I am required to speak for 1-2min. I am not that nervous than I usually would be as my confidence level has moved up since 8 years ago. That was kinda the last time that I was asked to make an presentation. I am actually excited because I felt that it would be a good challenge for me!



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