I haven’t post much this year 🙂 This is due to the fact – I am really getting so busy! But I thought of taking a few mins off my schedule to write something. And since the Chinese New Year is approaching, I think I should write about my targets. 2016 is the transformation of my life – personally and in terms of career.

Here’s what I need to do:
– Study. I used to have problems with study but now I realise I have been picking the wrong programme the whole time! I am now taking something I enjoy. 🙂
– Continue to minimalism. I neglected this recently due to the fact that I am busy. But I will reinforce it! I have resisted to getting stationaries 🙂 But unfortunately due to holiday seasons, getting new clothes, shoes or bags have been unavoidable.
– Be positive & Be Happy. I allowed a slight bit of negativity to affect my personal life recently. But I was able to turn around quickly. I must remember to be more positive!
– Plan. I couldn’t plan recently due to my study. It was mainly going for class, studying and doing assignments. But I probably need to work on this.
– Write. Despite the fact that I have established that writing is my interest, but I haven’t been writing much. So yes, I need to write more.
– Read. My total read books for last year has been the lowest in the recent. This year I probably try to read a little bit more!


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