Roundup – November so far!

I cannot remember when was the last time I post an roundup so I will write one for November in general!

Career etc
Unfortunately I have meet the year end again! This mean job searching have to come to an unfortunate halt again as job openings are getting lesser. I must say I am quite disappointed with my result so far. It hasn’t been a good year – I met disappointing results:
1) Interviewer that don’t even bother to hear what you got to say about yourself.
2) Interviewer that rejected ME right in the face. (I wrote an review for this company on Glassdoor as I am so disgusted by the HR)
3) Interview that went super well but…. no result.
4) Interview that went super duper well (almost on verge of offering) but… suddenly, they are not looking anymore. (Huh why post in the first place?)
Oh well, better luck next year? And like what I have said, it become clear to me that I need to study. I have applied for an private education and if it goes well, it would take 1-2 years of my time. Like what I told a friend, it is still not too late to do a career switch. Good luck to me!

Minimalism, Organisation etc
November gets a little better but still not quite on track yet…
It’s especially important for me as I need to save for my school fee!
By practising this concept, I will not spend much hence I would be able to save up.

Generally, These are my difficult areas:
1) Clothes – It is slightly better now. But there is still improvement area. I feel like I can stop buying clothes!
2) Bags – I found out that I do not need all those branded bags last week. So I have listed them for selling. So I have reduced my bags significantly. Of course I hope to reduce them further until when I am left with my LL Be a, Lands End & Matt & Nat.
3) Shoes – I find a need to get new shoes every now and then. It is difficult as shoes comes in all kinds of shape, pattern & design. But I am trying to stick to whatever I have as much as possible.
4) Stationaries – Improving!

1) Reduce one cupboard to make my room look neater 🙂
2) I throw some clothes + listed some bags – including branded ones for sale (as I realise I could carry my LL Bean, Lands End or Matt & Nat like everyday!) 
3) Sold off some of my miniature collection (I was very into re-ment a few years ago)
4) NOT give in to buying new pens even though I have a discount voucher of $10
5) NOT give in to buy clothes, shoes or bags even though there is sale/discount in my inbox every other day
6) “What I want to buy?” in my planner is getting lesser each week 😀
7) Avoid shopping malls as much as I can!

What I could have done better?
1) I wasn’t going to spend anything during the “double 11”. But well, I couldn’t resist as I saw some things I wanted on sale. I didn’t buy clothes, shoes or bags but still, I buy too much stationaries which could be avoided!
2) “Anchor” stuffs! I feel like I buy too much anchor stuffs this month!

I started to read a new book again. Stephen King’s Pet Sematary. My goodeads target is only 10 this year as I wanted to focus on minimalism.

I finally met my first lost mail last week! As much as how “lousy” our local post office is, I never meet any lost mail for the many years I shopped online. It was really shocking to me. I purchased an alarm clock as I really need one! So I have to get a second one and send by courier as I no longer trust it to be send by normal mail.

I was very pissed off with a colleague last week. We were discussing something work-related but not very serious. She keep interrupted me when I wanted to explain what I meant.
RESPECT. Obviously she got to learn it. She don’t RESPECT people as she keep interrupting me. And she don’t RESPECT the fact that other may have a different opinion. While she have her own opinion, she should learn to listen to others.


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