Review – LL Bean tote VS Lands End Tote

There are tons of discussion/blogs/Youtube Video etc comparing these two. I decided to write my own input 🙂

Not knowing about these two brands since I don’t stay in US, I spend a long time googling about them. I finally decided to get an LL Bean tote due to the simple fact that it is made in Maine. Although I am not from US, but I certainly love to own something that are not mass produced in a factory. By some mistake, I ended up with 3 HAHA. And I jumped into getting a Lands End tote cos they have sailor stripe (!!!) which is kinda my thing now.

Suggestion to both companies – Come up with a version which has a size in between the small and the medium one. I would love to order one that can fit my planner and some stationaries. This would be perfect if I just want to go to the cafe and write 🙂 The small one is too small and the medium is more like a proper tote size! So yes, I badly need one!

Customisable tote

Firstly I am going to talk about the standard one (Natural) from LL Bean VS the customise one (black) from LL Bean.

They are very different. The standard one is very stiff and hard. According to the CS who replied to my email, it will take some times for the bag to become soft. On the other hand, I love how soft the customise tote is. The handle types aren’t a big issue for me. For both long & short handle, I was able to carry on my shoulder comfortably. For the short handle, I can even carry on my arm which I love if I wanted a different look. I decided to add on an pocket instead of a zip so that I can slip my iPod Nano into the front pocket. This is something which I definitely love about LL Bean option – the ability to create your own bag. I spend a long time and finally decided to create a colour combination that I wanted to get from Ralph Lauren a few years ago. For me, a zip isn’t really important as I don’t really zip them most of the times except when I am traveling.

Lands End tote has inside compartments so as compare LL Bean tote seems a bit dull… But its also due to the compartment, Lands End tote is quite heavy. So its weight VS compartments 🙂 Although Lands End do not offer custom options, but they do have nice patterns for you to choose from! So… If you are into patterns, then Lands End will be a better choice! I haven’t use my Lands End yet so I cannot comment if they are really better or useful…

Well I would say I love the Lands End tote! I uses them for 4 days! The compartment certainly made my life easier… I know where my things are. But still, the weight? Not so much. I still prefer LL Bean’s weight. But both totes are equally good in their own way.

As a general comparison, LL Bean is very well-constructed and stand very well on its own. Lands End stands well too, but its more soft.

Both brands offers monogram to make your tote even more unique. Lands End even offer Embroidery. I am in love with the pretty sailboat ones which is probably what I want to get next. If only they add on the same pink one which you can select for their polo!  LL Bean will suggest the recommended colour to match your tote. But you can also choose your own colour. Whereas Lands End do not do that. I cannot comment on the monogram as both are very well-monogrammed and I asked for different monogram style.Conclusion
Both totes are beautiful in its own way. There is no “winner”. But I definitely have to eliminate my other totes to make rooms for them 🙂


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