Do not jump into buying things because of discount

Eliminating shopping is an important part of minimalism. There is no point that you minimise your belonging and you keep shopping for new ones. In fact, I think its an important step and very difficult step that I find myself struggling at times.

Therefore, I feel that its very important NOT TO JUMP INTO BUYING THINGS just because there is discount code/coupon etc. It is especially important now as I have been receiving discount codes in my email. I had a hard time explaining to a friend why I refused to get new pens at Kikki K even though they are technically free. (Using an $10 voucher to offset!). I explained to her:
– I do not want to get new pens because I do not have use for it. I have told her that I have a lot of pens at home.
– If I keep it at home, it would be such a waste.
– It is not technically free. In this case, it seems free. But it is not. You have to spend the effort and time to go to the shop. Effort and time are precious things. You can spend the effort and time doing more productive stuffs.
– It takes very long time for a pen to run out of ink even if I write everyday! And I rotates among 4-5 pens each day.
After explaining and telling her NO three times, She continue to say that she think I should use the voucher as we do not know when Kikki K will stop giving. Really? I don’t really care if they stop giving voucher tomorrow. I only buy things when I need not when I want. So in the end, I ignored her message and move on. I do not expect everyone to understand my minimalism concept but I have shared my concept with her previously. Since she don’t really get it or understand, I shall not be influence by her!


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