Be contented

I  hate it when people aren’t contented about what they have. I am not saying that you have to be happy with everything. I know that is kinda impossible. But stop whining when you have what you wanted.

What happened was a friend complained to me how she shouldn’t accept this offer in a world class university and comment about needing to be “low profile” in her career. I don’t know how she come up with such nonsense. It make no sense.

It is just so sick to hear about such crap.

So I told her off….

  1. You are not holding an low pay job. (Shut up)
  2. You are not earning less than what you qualified. (Just shut up)
  3. You are not looking for an job for a long time and do not even have an offer (Yes please shut up).

And she finally shut up and stop whining to me.

I just don’t understand – She accepted the job because she want it. Then she whines non stop about something very irrelevant. Her workplace people are all right (I checked with her). So what is your problem?

What I feel is that she is not contented with whatever she have. which is such a sad and pathetic thing. This kind of people will never be happy….


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