Worst interview ever…

Spoiling one’s day could be very easy if you are a recruiter. I just had the worst interview of my life.

It hasn’t been a good year for me. Job searching has not been smooth.
I thought I finally got luckier when I talked to this hiring manager. She seems very nice and friendly. She was rather keen as well.

She wanted to meet me at my convenience  over the weekend. But it never happened. In fact, I was waiting for her to drop me an message the whole weekend. So she didn’t just waste my time ONCE.

Finally, it was Monday that she called me again. Funny that she didn’t even mention about our suppose-to-happened meeting…. I was asked to go down to her office. I was very excited about it as I thought this could be the one.

The office looks cozy, professional and nice! But the interview itself wasn’t nice or professional.

While I appreciated truthfulness from the interviewer, but she left an bad impression on the company. When I say this – I really do mean it, I certainly will not consider any offer from this company.

1) She made personal judgement. She feel that I am not suitable to be in HR line based on ONE observation she made. This is unfair because she don’t know me. And she cannot just judge.
2) She is too shallow and too narrow minded. Just because of one simple thing I did wrongly. She feels that I am not suitable. What happened to the other stuffs we talked about… My other skill sets. It was ignored..
3) She look down on me. She subtly told me that I am not worth the salary that I am asking for. Unless its a managerial role. This is completely rubbish as managerial role would not be asking for such salary.
4) Lastly, she rejected me right in the face.

I simply cannot understand how this person is working in the HR line. Does she goes straight to the person that she is going to terminate and say “hey we are sacking you!”. It is just not professional. No matter how apologetic you are, telling people the bad news straight in the face? This is not the correct way to do things. Am I the one who is not suitable for HR?


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