Roundup – 18 Oct to 30 Oct

I am pretty sure about getting back to school. I know I would be wasting my previous degree (and the money that i have spend…) But this is the only way out! I have talked a couple of people including a friend that I trusted as she is smart. Much smarter than me. She is checking out some information for me. While I have to decide if I want to take an Business Degree or HR Degree. I like Business Degree as I would able to take up an career in a wide range of industries but then my friend warned me that Business Degree is too generic. HR is definitely more specialise. But I just worried that I am not cut out for this… Oh well, I still have the time to consider it really carefully. I probably takes 1-2 weeks to finalise my decision.

Organisation, Planning etc
In my other post on LL Bean, I mentioned about ordering a large tote by mistake. But, it become very useful for storing things i need to get rid of…especially for minimalism! If I need to move the tote, its also rather easy to carry. Surprisingly, its not that heavy even when I pack it to the max! I have been using this tote for 2 weeks now and I am really happy with it as it really helps with my minimalism. I filled it up with stuffs I need to throw/clear/move/whatever and I try to clear it every 2-3 days.

More on my side planner or … Fauxdori! This lovely fauxdori is from a shop call Doki Book (Taobao). The lovely inserts are from them as well. I love it how colourful they made it ❤

So I look at this two pages daily. On the left side, I will write my Top Three. They are not necessary the very important tasks but rather tasks that I needed to do to get started. I stole this wonderful idea from the Day Designer. In fact, they worked so well that I am secretly considering to buy one of their minis. But I have too many planners! On the right side, I wrote my crazy wants and the reasons for wanting them. It usually help to reduce the spend.

So I have more or less mentioned about my crazy shopping spree… It is kinda bad that I went back to shop a little but I am have been trying hard to curb them as well! I started to write them down in my daily planner so as to able me to start the thinking process…. instead of buying it without thinking. It is really the best method for curbing spend!

Why I did not buy from L*S****S**?
I was so excited last night to learn of the new collection that LSS had with peanuts. The snoopy prints are soooo pretty. It is actually not quite new…probably released from a couple of months ago. But I never notice LSS as I don’t shop from them.
I was really on the verge of getting it. I keep thinking about it last night before I goes to bed and this morning. I even set up an account at Zappos in order to check out. The website although isn’t quite international friendly as they expected a billing address from US. Same as the LSS official website. But in the end, I also decided not to purchase it. I have simply too many bags and pouches. And I am getting a bit conscious of the brands that i shopped from. I don’t know much about LSS but their bags are made in China. So the people who made them are probably making less than 10% of the RRP. Poor people!

Here’s what I received for the past 2 weeks…

I know what you are thinking. I absolutely do not need this. But Frankie’s dairy are too nice to resist. The cover is cloth bounded which looks so premium. This is going to be my side planner for 2016! The inside is beautifully illustrated by an Frankie illustrated so you cannot find this elsewhere.

I kinda regretted buying this now. But I read that speck have a new technology which the clear ones do not have the yellowing problem. Oh well, we shall see. I am going to keep this.

They were reasonably priced but not too cheap (usually it means bad quality). I will keep for the new year!

Although I have purchased a few cases, but I tried to go for quality case or cases that are unique. For this particular case, the case takes in the colour of your phone (in my case – rose gold!) to show the effect which is super awesome. This is the first time I saw such case!

Yes, a case mate!!!
I put it on the very next day I got them. I purchased this on 25% discount so its very worth it but I wouldn’t say its affordable. Unlike many pretty cases out there especially those associated with luxury brand (They are damn useless), this case really protect well. I dropped it once when my chair accidentally tangle with my USB charger. But everything is intact! Originally I thought the case do not fit too well as packaging only stated about iPhone 6. But I was able to adjust and it is well fit. Too well fit that i am worried about taking it off. However, I must say I feel a little less exciting when I saw that its made in china.

I purchased them at BOGO 50%. So it was really worth it! This is my first time placing an order. But I have owed a few of their graphic tees. Although some of their tee are made in china but I have never find one that are as soft as the original purchases from AE.

I purchased this impulsively on Taobao. I kinda regretted it. But I will keep this for CNY.


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