Sleep late, Wake up late OR Sleep early, wake up early

I have been struggling with THIS since last year.
I tried… a few times to wake up early and I find it painfully impossible.

I would rather sleep late and wake up late than to sleep early and wake up early.
Well, I did tried to sleep early but I ended up waking up late as well.
So really, what is the point?

Sleeping late (at 11 or 12) means I have 3-4 hours of night time to be productive.
But if I do sleep early, it means I have less hours and I will not get any productive time in the morning.
As I simply cannot wake up early.

I do admit I love the fresh morning air… But it is kinda hard for me to wake up early.
Maybe I should try again. I came across an discussion on Quora (one of my favourite sites for daily commute!) and there is some tips.

Waking up early is worse than minimalism or cutting down shopping as the success rate is zero so far!


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