Review – Merimies

I am really in love with this little Thai brand so I will do a review!

Merimies is a Thai brand with shops in Terminal 21 in Bangkok. I was there 2 years but I never saw their shop! It is a great vegan alternative to the leather satchels from England. It is also a cheaper vegan choice as compared to other vegan leather satchels I have researched last year. You will be spoil for colours as the basic plain ones have so many beautiful colours to choose from. It took me 2 hours to decide.

Shopping from Merimies is easy. Unlike many SEA brands, Merimies provided shipping worldwide and have a user friendly site in English. You just have to go to their website and click on your country. They built their website in such a way that your shipping cost are included in the price. I personally like it this way as the price will tell you exactly how much you will be paid (The exact cost is of course depends on the exchange rate from your bank). I hate the idea of adding item to the cart but found out later that shipping is expensive (A perfect example would be Lands End. Shipping costs much more than the polo that I am buying. So I am rather discouraged to use their direct shipping). 

Firstly, you will NOT receive any order confirmation when you placed order. I am not sure if you will be contacted when your order is shipped… I was contacted as the item I selected is out of stock. My original choice was the stripe one. I could only pick an alternate with the same price so in the end, I decided to go bold and choose mint as I am always wanted something in mint.

I wasn’t sure when I purchased it. But the tag did say its made in Thailand….which is super awesome!

I was not too sure which size to get (This is also why I have to spend 2 hours…)… But finally decided to go for M size as L is probably too big.

M ended up to be a great size. But I wish I could fit my planner – not the big plum paper one. but the fauxdori that I have been using as a side planner. I am going to look into L again. But then I probably won’t need another bag. 😦  (probably for CNY….. )

However the M size may look small. But the bag is quite roomy.

Except for my poor planner – I was able to fit everything else into my bag.

Here’s what I have:
1) Amazon Kindle
2) Phone – I uses iPhone 5S in this photo. But my new iPhone 6S could fit in as well.
3) iPod Nano
4) Coin purse – for transport card
5) Coin purse – as wallet
6) Work Access card
7) Power Bank from Xiaomi
8) Comb
9) Mini wet tissue
10) one packet of tissue
11) Kiehl’s lip balm

Now for the bag itself, it look quite sturdy. Another reason why it was able to fit so much stuffs is that the space in the bag is fixed. Unlike many other PU bags, the space cannot be expanded.

The only problem that I have is the strap. Although its very comfortable on my shoulder, it is actually quite thin. So i am worried about breakage.


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