LL Bean Tote

I will do a proper review over the weekend. But firstly, there is something I need to post!

I was very excited to learn that my LL Bean totes have arrived at my shipping agent. So I decided to make a trip to their warehouse (which is near my workplace) to pick up my purchases!

When I reached home, the first thing I did was to rip open the package.

I was bit surprise to see this BIG tote:

I was almost certain that I placed order for an medium tote. So I log on to my account to check. But…
Argh, I ordered my custom tote in the wrong size! 😦
This is a large size which is very large!
It is too big cos I am petite. I might have problem carrying it if its filled with stuffs!
I am so annoyed at myself for not picking up on that mistake!
Now this bag can only be used to store things at home. But I had it monogrammed with the word – minimalist. So its a perfect to remind myself on my life goal!

My other tote in the perfect size – Medium:

I am so tempted to get the correct size. I have it in my cart. But there is no discount 😦
I probably should wait for a discount coupon.

Anyway the tote wasn’t really what I am expecting. It was really hard… Harder than any of the canvas/cotton tote that I am used to! Which is good cos it mean it will be lasting! But it would hard for me to tote it around.
I just realise the custom tote is not hard… its just nice! But the second one (the standard ones) is very hard for some reason.

maybe I should wait for the Land Ends’ one to arrive to compare to see which one I like more before ordering the right one again.

In meantime, I am telling myself every 5 min – “DO NOT BUY!”

So this morning, I was thinking… hey this is LL Bean – the company with superb customer service and wonderful return policy. So I decided to shamelessly asked for a discount code. I STILL want to get a new tote but I am too cheap to pay for the original price. 😛 So I contacted them using the email function on their website and explained my concern – “The bag that was in the right size is too hard for my liking and the one that I really like is in large and I cannot bring it out” which is very true. I also explained that I couldn’t return as shipping back to them would be costly! I received an reply within a couple of hours. And wow, just wow! They not only agree to give me a discount code. But they also provided me with the other option – sending back to them from here and they will cover the shipping cost. They will also exchange for free. But I decided to go ahead with the discount coupon option as shipping back to them would be a hassle. I also do not want them to refund me anything as this is no fault of theirs. So I decided to give them more business by ordering another new bag 🙂


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