Something I could never forget….

I was in the bath just now thinking if I should watch an episode of Chuck before heading to bed. Then out of nowhere, an certain memory came to me. For a couple of years or so, I tried to forget this. But I just couldn’t and there is no way I could forgive the person who did this to me. Well, its not really a trauma but its something that I couldn’t quite forget. So I decided to post this post…

The person who betrayed me.
She is someone I met over the internet. Well, I have tons of internet friends. There are some I met in real life and we are very good friend. In fact, I am going with one internet friend to Hanoi in this coming week. We know each other for 10 years now 🙂

This person – Let’s called her B cos she is a real bitch! Pardon my language. She is the only one who I will call BITCH- So We met a couple of years ago through an mutual interest – a celebrity that we both like. So I have this chat group thingy and we started chatting with a few people. Then there was an event coming up for that celebrity and a few others. We started to make plan via the chat group. Then by off chance, I came to know the flight schedule of another celebrity Then I mentioned that (without saying the name) someone is coming on a certain day or something so maybe she is arriving earlier. Someone started guessing…. and by a few guesses, he/she got the correct answer. So I just say yes.

A short while later, another friend of mine randomly asked me if I leaked out the information. I felt weird at first. Then I realise someone told the so-called leader of the other celebrity’s “fan club” about it. It was very obvious that it was B. My connection with that friend? She was the only one who know both of us! Ya, that smart bitch. I didn’t confront her and she didn’t confessed anything. But she unfollowed me and removed me from her friends. LOL It was so childish. I always believe in Karma anyway. When you do something bad to someone, you will get what you deserved. Which is why i tried to do nice things everyday. Then on that day of the event, I was “lectured” by the leader and her assistant on this. They told me about protecting the celebrity’s privacy and feel that I “betrayed” their fan club. I was totally speechless. I mean, please, you really think that celebrity care about what you have done for her? I don’t know, it is just so lame and foolish to be idolise someone until that extent? Caring so much about someone you don’t even know in real life? Hmm, I have better things to do. Furthermore, I do not feel I did anything wrong. I didn’t leak out any information. I simply answered an question. If someone wanted to stalk, they will find ways to do that. And that sneaky bitch? She simply disgusted me. I haven’t really seen her since. But whenever I thought about her, I feel like spitting on her bitchy face. She is probably the only person that I really really hate. Oh ya, did I mention that bitch is a real stalker. She likes a lot of celebrities (for some reason, she only likes female ..). She likes to show off photos with them over her social accounts. She probably have nothing better to do and stalk celebrities 🙂 I, however, would prefer not to stalk celebrities and watch my DVDs 🙂


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