Everyone can minimise!

Some people think minimalism is a huge concept with complicated process. I admit that it is not easy to change your shopping habits, lifestyle and your thinking process…. I am still learning! But everyone can do it.

Here’s some really basic concepts that you can apply:
1) Start with really basic daily necessity – it could be something like toothpaste. My dad likes to buy at least 10 tubes at one go. Instead of doing that, you can cut down to 8 tubes, then 4 tubes, then finally 2 tubes! It is highly impossible we are going into war. So don’t stock up.
2) An colleague of mine has a habit on stocking up on… shoes! She always buy a few of the same shoes when she find them very comfortable. The trick about shoes? You do not need so many pairs if you get good ones! My favourite slipper/flip flop is always Havaianas – Believe it or not, I have one for a few years and its still good to wear!
3) Check your house instead of buying on impulse. especially for stationaries. I used to have a lot of stationaries lying around and I just buy new ones because I forget that I already had them!
4) This is something I am still learning 🙂 – You do not need some many cases or covers for your phone. You only have one phone. Buy a really pretty skin and go naked…. (for your phone I meant!) So you spend $40 instead of $400!
5) Reuse, Reduce and Recycle – Re-use what you have, Reduce on what you have and Recycle what you have.


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