To-do list

To-do list has kinda become an obsession of mine. Every day, I tried to list out as many stuffs as I wanted to do in the day.The task can actually something as simple as writing in my daily diary! which I reminded myself everyday 😉

Here’s some of what I have tried:

  1. Default reminder apps in iPhone – I just never got around to actual doing the stuffs! But this is good as you can view them on the go.
  2. Default calendar apps in iPhone – this is good if you want to add on task at a specify timing instead of a  general list. The popup notification is also good as it reminds you!
  3. Google document – Again, technology… after a few weeks, I got lazy! I created a document (something similar to word) and list out my to-do. But again, you can review them on the go!
  4. Wunderlist – There is plenty of apps out there. But Wunderlist was my favourite. I always look for something colour when I download an app. I had a good weeks with it until I had some synching problems and I stopped using.
  5. Planners – While I went through a few planners, my current favourite is Plum Paper Planner from Etsy. It is heavy but I feel very satisfying in listing a lot of to-do and actually doing it!

In conclusion, I am more of a paper and pen person. I find working with paper and pen helps to achieve my to-do much more efficient than technology. No matter whether it is a calendar, a simple reminder app or something as complicated as a word document, it is still something not quite working for me.


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