Review – Holga Camera dot com

So as mention, I was looking for a Holga camera which is very uncommon now. A lot of shops used to carry them but that was a few years back.

I came across two websites – Holga Direct vs Holga Camera. In terms of range for Holga, Holga Camera have a full range of products. They are also based in HK which is where the Holga company is based in! And free shipping to me…So I picked Holga Camera.

So after deciding for a few mins, I placed my first order with Holga Camera. I am not saying their website is not legit. But I am a careful shopper, I only shop from places like Amazon (Big company) or on trade/sale platform such as Qoo10 (where I can rate the sellers).  So I wanted to “play safe” by paying through paypal and opted for register mail. A check on their Facebook show that they are still quite active and based on my experience, yes they are a legal site.

It takes them only one day to process my order! And I was provided the tracking code, so I was able to track my order throughout. It took me 12 days (including weekend) to receive it. I received it in a box. I ripped off the package as I was so excited and I was going out for lunch.

They were safely packed in bubblewrap!

A closer & unfiltered look on my new Holga 135BC with matching flash…I got some films so that I wouldn’t find excuse. 

The first thing I did was to look at the manual and I took a couple of shots at my office…

I am on my 4th exposure and very excited to see if any of my films turn out good.


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