Weekly roundup – 14 Sept to 20 Sept

I had a good week!

I had an interview last week. It went well. I am making a portfolio today for the interviewer and soon, I might be landing in a  new job ha!

Minimalism, productivity 
I do hope that the haze will clear off totally cos it is bringing my productivity down. But I had a couple of hours last Friday to do some writing at a busy restaurant (during lunch) and at the library. Busy restaurant is obviously not ideal to do writing cos it is pretty noisy. Some of my neighbours were talking very loud. Oh well, this is after all a restaurant. It is probably good for a lunch or coffee catch up. But it’s not a good place to write. Library is of cos much more quiet. But I never like library. You know some people can spend hours in the library studying or reading? I could never do that. It is quiet and with air con…. But I don’t know its after all a public place! Maybe if they start having a small cafe where people can get coffee then I would probably like it more. I still prefer to write in a cafe!

Writing with milk tea? Not much success! Still prefer coffee!

On the other hand, I feel like the productivity of my planner has finally gone up! I am planning in advance (for most days anyway!). So I am doing more stuffs! Yay!

Other than that, I have been busy working on my itinerary for an trip to Hanoi, Vietnam in 3 weeks time…. The reason why I took up the task of working on the itinerary is simply because I don’t want ended up being disorganised and not knowing where to go! I am looking forward to tour the city with my cameras! I might be bringing just 3 cameras as we are not taking budget airline! There is alot of luggage space! I am rather looking forward to it as most cities I have visited are so like Singapore with high rise building. But Hanoi might be so different. We are intending to spend 2 days at the bay area. I love the sea! It is so beautiful ❤ It was too cold when I went to the sea at Sydney, Australia but its beautiful!

I just found out yesterday that my mobile contract plan has ended! Which means I can get a new phone soon! I am of course eyeing at the upcoming iPhone! I think I would get the regular size as I hate big screen! I don’t play games or watch (long) video on my mobile, so I am fine with the small screen. There is probably nothing much exciting updates if you own an iPhone 6. But I am using a iPhone 5S so it would be an exciting new phone 🙂

I sold one item last week. It is amazing! I finally met one buyer who didn’t bargain for price and meet me at the train station of my house! I sold it for 50bucks. Ironically I spend 50bucks to get a Diana F+ camera on the same week! HA!

I received my new fujifilm instax mini 8 in the mail. I choose the new raspberry colour as it is after all a newer colour. It is less bright in real life though! I am going to write in more details along with all the other cameras! But I couldn’t wait to share them!

I took my first photo at Ron (The vinyl figure from Funko!). It is honestly not good but it isn’t bad at all! The mistake I made with my already-dead Instax 7 is that I took a few photos and they all sucks. Then I threw the camera at one side until it quietly dies. I am determined not to make the same mistake again! Practice make perfect!
I took a photo of my 2 years old niece today and I was very happy that she was super excited to see her photos! She ran around the house showing everyone. It is a better photo.

(I should say especially :D)
One thing I love about instax mini is the choice of films and they always have new designs. But it is not quite cheap! So snap with cautious!

And yes I bought another camera!

(Error on the photo: It should be dreamer not daydreamer!)
It was only sold on UO.com! And of cos it has been discontinued. It is 12 years old but its new!
I will talk more about this. I need films. Most likely I would pop by the Lomography embassy store tomorrow although I am not quite sure if they sell films. HA! And also I need a flash!

I am still waiting for my Holga & my 4th camera from Taobao – cheap one that costs less than $10!
In the meantime, I am trying not to buy camera! Especially toy camera!