Review – Passion Gadgets (Singapore)

Last week, when I found out my old Fujifilm instax camera is spoil. I decided to get a new one! I am going to talk more about the buying decision and the camera itself in a separate post! Now I am posting a review of the company that I have purchased from!

Previously I purchased from a Korean seller. But I was happier to find a local company dealing with the camera at a decent price. They are much more cheaper than retail shops so this certainly attracted people. You would get 30%-40% saving.

By some mistake, I thought my camera was not working so I went to their showroom/office/warehouse which is located in the Ubi area. For people who is familiar with Ubi, the office is not hard to locate. Whereas for people who hate Ubi, never visit Ubi and is not quite familiar with map, I had a minor problem. But I managed to locate the office using… Google Maps of course! Ubi is like a better version of Tuas. But I work in the City. So I do not like that place!

For buying the stuffs online, you do have option to pick up from their office. (Don’t understand why people want to do that!). Its opened Mon to Sun so it is rather convenience for people like me. You do not have to take leave to visit their office.

Anyway the office is very lively. You would see it when you reach their floor. It is the brightest office in the building! 🙂 There was a few customers when I visited them. It is not big but they have a lot of products displayed for you to see. There are 2-3 laptops available for people to place order – save your data plan! They have 5-6 staffs working to serve customer at the front. It wasn’t like what I expected. I was expecting only 2-3 staffs. Then they have rows of merchandise displayed behind like a mini warehouse. You can see they are really

So I stood behind as their counter staffs are busy. One aunty called me and ask me if I need any help. While the aunty looks very friendly, but she do not seems to be knowledgable about the products – at least not the camera. Then she called to the other guy to help me. It turned out to be just the battery problem. It was disappointing but I blamed myself for not being careful. Anyway I went around the office to look at the merchandise and finally decided to purchase some films. I do not want to leave the place empty handed as it was like 20 MRT stops away from my home.

Originally I was very skeptical about using their laptop as I feel there is some privacy concern (I was totally right.  If you read on…) But I decided to use it anyway as I prefer browsing on actual laptop than mobile. I am the kind of person who uses my MacBook all the times.

So I was trying to set up an account. Then one of the staffs interrupted me. While I appreciated his kindness and help, but I find him a bit…. not quite service-orientated. He questioned on how I will make my payment. It is not the bossy kind of way but it is also not very polite (You know the politeness you expected from SERVICE/SALES line). But maybe it is just the way he talk. Then I told him by credit card. He told me there is a surcharge of %. Okay, so its via paypal! They do not have the option to deduct from your credit card directly. He kindly suggested that I uses Qoo10. So I logged on to Qoo10. Shortly later, he interrupted again and suggest he takes over to help me. Okay, again, I appreciated his kindness and help, but…. well, please read on!

He asked me to shown him the design so that he can purchase for me. Again, he was being very very helpful. He even suggested that I look at the display behind. Then finally I told him what I wanted. He placed an order for me, and then here’s comes the “creepy” parts….

He checked out for me. Then he selected my default payment which is by mastercard/visa. (Didn’t even ask) Then he ask me to take out my card. I was very uncomfortable with that. But anyway I did not have coffee this morning So not thinking properly. I took out and passed to him. He keyed in the CVV for me and he paid for me. He confirmed that he will log out for me. After that he guided me to the collection point.

On my way back home, I remembered about my unclosed tab which have not been logged out yet. I did thought about my personal details being divulged. But then I decided that the staff will probably clear off when the next person comes.

Imagine my shocked face when i receive an email for an order that I did not place! I quickly wrote a nice but straight forward email on the situation and why I feel very “invaded”. I am also very glad that my card details are not saved in the website. Someone responded and say he/she don’t understand… and I did not place the order? Well, my email is typed in plain simple english. I do not know what to say! I really hope that this is just an one-time off minor incident. I have since reported to my bank and will get an replacement card. But I think PG should be more mindful of their personal data policy especially now we have a PDPC in place.

So in conclusion, I did not have very positive experiences with their office. When you want to visit them, it is better that you place order online or uses your own mobile. However, their staffs are still very helpful in assisting customer.


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