How to remember your login details after you change phone

When someone change phone/laptop,  it is very often that he/she don’t quite remember the login details of an website/social network site. If it is a new account, then he/she can easily set up a new one. But if it is an account with lots of history, then it will be a huge problem. Here’s some tips that I shared with a friend who have recently changed phone but couldn’t remember her login details!

1 – Despite what the security expert are saying, I think it is still the best to keep to one password. Well, maybe a couple or so. When you couldn’t remember the password, there is high chance that you will try the ones that you are familiar with!

2 – If you signed up a new email account to use as the login ID, please always use the forwarding service to forward all your emails to your primary account. I have like 20? email accounts. But I have only 2 primary account – one for serious matter like job applications and others for informal matters like Kickstarter, social network etc.

3 – Write it down on a notebook and keep it at your desk at home. Lock it up if you feel like its needed. What is the chances of anyone peeking at it if it is left at home? 🙂 I never bring it out but you can do that if you want to.
One of my colleague kept his password in an password protected document. But I cannot imagine what will happen if his laptop is crashed! And what if you lost the access to the laptop itself?!

4 – Use encrypted password when writing it down. For e.g. instead of password write pxxxwxxx It should be a familiar password so encrypting it shouldn’t be a problem!

5 – Apps. I am sure there are some app that allowed you to save your password info one way or another. But I never trust technology.