Weekly roundup – 6 Sept to 13 Sept

So another week has passed by… We ended the week with the result of our General Election. I have mixed feeling on the election. I am rather disappointed that the ruling party is still the biggest winner. I was hoping for more seats to be occupied by the opposition party. On other hand, I am relieved that most of us has voted wisely. Now I am not really into politics and stuffs…but I have not been very happy with some stuffs. I shall not get into the details but let’s hope for better future 🙂

I will have an opportunity next week to discuss a new career prospect. It might be a better future or just something else? It is also through this opportunity that I started to rethink about myself. I am really excited. I am frustrated in my current role and wanted to move on. But I don’t want to move just because I wanted to move on. I wanted an opportunity that allow me to show my potential and at the same time have the freedom to discover about myself and know what I want eventually. I thought I knew what I wanted but… well, lets just say it become something unrealistic! This opportunity seems to be aligned on what I wanted.

Minimalism, productivity etc
On Friday (when we had a day off for polling day), I thought I could be more productive. But I had a headache which never goes away… then I wasn’t in the mood for the previous days due to… woman’s problem.
Ahh, so much excuses! But truth is… nothing much has been done! But I visited a cafe yesterday with a planner and pens. It worked like magic – I written lots of stuffs. Yay for productivity!

Television show
I am now watching Chuck! I had the DVD from amazon. But I forgot about it. HAHA! But I found it again last week or so. (on a side note – I really do need to do an inventory on my DVD!) so I have started watching and I have watched 4 episodes so far! I enjoyed it as it is not something too serious… It was from 2007 but it doesn’t look like old shows that are sometimes too boring to even watch. I also like the fact that it is not very connected. You know some shows you just have to watch one episodes after another cos its too exciting so you wasted all your weekend on watching it. Whereas for Chuck, I can watch and stop whenever I want!

Okay, I bought 2 stuffs last week. I feel like I broke the chain or something lol. When I broke it, I kinda think it’s okay to buy. But nevertheless, I am just glad that they are not clothes, bags or shoes.
I will blog in more details but I purchased:
1) Frankie diary 2016: http://www.frankiepress.com.au/shop/frankie/frankie-diary-2016-pre-order
2) Holga Camera: http://www.holgacamera.com/holga-135bc-black-corner-35mm-film-camera-with-color-flash/
(I had a initial post on this)
3) Fujifilm Instax Mini 8
I could have control it more but I could also view it as some kind of reward for myself for saving up for so long! Now i need to go update my google sheet as I have some other stuffs which I have been eyeing.


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