Analogue camera or not?

I feel like I am moving back in time. Recently I found myself interested in analogue camera! They were soooo popular a few years back where many online sellers were selling them. But I never got into it. I think because I was still a poor student and developing film seems like a crazy expensive thing to do. Lately I came across a very beautiful photograph blog of one of my favourite Etsy Seller! She uses only analogue camera which is amazing! Every single of her photos look way better than mine which was taken using either by my iPhone or a digital camera!

Last week, I  mentioned I backed a kickstarter project – Holga Digital. Holga is one of the maker of analogue camera which I am considering. I also mentioned that developing film seem to be something I will ended up NOT doing! Which is why I backed the kickstarter. Although I given myself time to consider which is like 2-3 days before the campaign closes, I am pretty much set on keeping my pledge!

So this is the reason why I am writing this post instead of going ahead to order a Holga analogue camera. I am also going to a short trip to Hanoi, Vietnam in early Oct. So I wanted to take some nice photos instead of the usual picture-perfect photo on digital camera. Its true that you can easily add “effect” into the photos to make it look lomo-ish but its not what you have taken.

I could of course get a cheap waterproof analogue from Taobao to see how much I really enjoy analogue camera. But the thing is the waterproof camera do not have the same nice effect from Holga. Hmm.

Okay so after reading pages and pages of information, I went ahead and order a Holga 135BC. 120 is probably a better camera but I am just new to film camera and I wasn’t as good when using digital camera. So what makes me think I am better in film photography?

Anyway, a lot of shops used to sell them, but since they somehow grow out of popular :/ so a lot of shops are no longer carrying it. I couldn’t even find one in my local shopping site. I am lazy to visit the shops and it would be waste effort if they no longer carry it. I decided to purchase from HolgaCamera Dot com. It seems like a reliable site but I never shop from sites like this! I used paypal to checkout and opted for register mail for an extra 3bucks. I have purchased with 3 rolls of films so I will not have the excuse NOT to start using the camera. (like I do not have films!) I didn’t buy the lens as I wasn’t sure I would know how to use them. And I read on one blog that someone tried to change the lens and accidentally spoil the lens of the camera.

Now its time to be excited and I hope it will arrive in time for my trip 🙂


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