Weekly roundup – 31 August – 6 September

It is another week again 🙂 Tension is high here as the GE2015 (General Election 2015) is approaching! I haven’t been reading news… I should start reading soon in order to vote properly.

Again this is an week of waiting for news. I should probably do something! But I will have more time/energy to focus on it next week! I wrote about productivity at work in my previous post. It is also something I have been trying to achieve at work. Next time, I will be more focus on achieving this.

Not much has been done this week either. But I have been planning and working on my to-do list for most days.

Last 2 months or so, I had a problem with my “To-do” list pages as one page is ended up being very much empty at the month end.
I finally organised in such a way that I can put in my tasks properly and hence, no page should be wasted. I organised it into Important/Not Important and Urgent/Not Important. This is derived from the Urgent-Important Matrix. With that, i am able to write them into my planner efficiently as daily to do!

Next week I believe I will have more time and energy to focus…

I continued with my zero spending for this week. But I occasionally gave treats for myself such as a Frappuccino!
This week I also purchased an online membership for myself as I feel the need to FOCUS on being myself. I will talk about it below.

Anyway other than all these, I did not spend any cents on other stuffs. But I do have some kickstarter campaigns to consider. The thing about kickstarter is they don’t close immediately and take your funds when you backed. So with a planner, I added in the task to reconsider. I backed 1 campaign to get the early bird deal. But then I will have to reconsider.

One of them is actually a Holga campaign. I was looking at a Holga a couple of weeks ago… But I decided not to get it as I don’t think I would be using it much. The idea of developing film is just…. I don’t know, sounds like something I would ended up NOT doing due to laziness. But a digital Holga?? YES PLEASE!!! I have always been attracted to Holga due to the unique feeling of their photos. It looks just so different from normal camera photos and it seems like its not as complicated to operate as compared an DSLR.

Finding myself
For the past week or so, I have been quite lost. I keep giving myself an online identity that I shouldn’t be. (It has nothing to do with cyber crime etc though! :P) By some miracle, I found an old account from 4 years ago. So I decided that I need to refocus on being myself and stop being someone who I never wanted to be! With that, I feel it is important for me to get an online membership account to mark my identity. As a perk of membership vs normal member, you can pinned a post to your own page. I feel like its a reasonable investment.


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