Skin wraps for Smartwatch & iPhone

I am always very nervous when it comes to installing skins/wraps or protector for my devices. Therefore, I always put off from doing so! Can you believe that I still have NOT install the protector for my Pebble Original when I have already received my Pebble Time Steel? Yup that’s how slow I am! I guess the main fear is like everyone else… that I am scared of ruining it. I have a nervous hand since young. A couple of my friends know that and will NEVER ask me to take photos as it will turns out to be blur.

So today I decided to try to install a skin for my pebble time. And I managed to install the skin!

It isn’t perfect but at least it is straight! I didn’t install the screen protector as it sounds complicated  with the water spray :/ The feature skin is from GadgetWraps! I need to order a couple of Pebble Time Steel skin next week. I love them for their cheap shipping and it didn’t take very long to reach me. I will also try to find a water spray to see if I can install the protector.

Feeling confidence, I decided to try to install the skin for my iPhone & iPad Mini from SlickWraps. And they are much much easier. Like what the guy say in the video, “you wouldn’t ruin it!”. I like that you are allow to peel off when its not align. You can always adjust until you are happy!

It does look like a brand new phone. yay for going naked (phone)!

I am so happy with the effect that I am tempted to get it in another colour but then I probably change phone faster than changing the skin. For my next phone, I shall not buy any case…. and go naked! I do highly recommend SlickWraps’ devices wrap and they are made in US.

I cannot compare GadgetWraps skin and SlickWraps skin though as I have them on different device. I did have the wraps for my Pebble Original and Steel from both companies. But I need to find time to install them.


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