Productivity at work

I have been kinda obsessed with productivity ever since I had a planner.

So I am trying to be more productive at work too.

Truth is…. there isn’t much to do. Hence, there is a constraint in being productivity.
I hate sitting around and doing nothing. It is like you don’t know what you want in your life.

But anyway, I need to be more productive at work:

  1. work on my personal documents. WORK always come first. But if there isn’t, I will just open up my personal documents on Google drive and work on it. Example document is my “To-do” list, my wish list etc
  2. Learn something new. Instead of sitting around, I could learn something new. I went to the tax website and tried to read a bit on tax. I probably should start taking notes and actually learning it rather than reading it just to pass time.
  3. Brainstorm on improving work flow/process. I always like to think of way to improve on things and to make our life easier.
  4. Read news. Rather than surfing around aimlessly, it is more important to keep yourself updated with the most important stuffs which is NEWS.
  5. Write. I am trying to do a bit of writing here and there. But its not really that ideal as I prefer a non-distractive environment.
  6. Reorganise my work space. I do have stacks of documents to shred and clear but we do not have a  heavy duty shredder. so this cannot be accomplish in a short time.
  7. Think. Thinking is always good for your brain.

What I do not do at work:

  1. Listen to music.
  2. Read books.
  3. Play games.