Review: TeeFury

Teefury is like this little evil addicting tee shopping site. I have purchased from them a few times… But I kinda stop as I  gotten too many tee! We cannot wear tee to work so what is the point of having so much tees?!

It is somehow similar to Threadless where individual graphic t-shirt designer posted their design for sales.

They used to have 1 tee for sales each day…. those days…
Then they kinda increased to have 2 tees.
and they have alot more tees in the gallery (More expensive though…) and they have some other stuffs – leggings, shoes, poster!

I always like teefury as their service is always top notch! And they have wonderful shipping rates.
I used to purchase only when they have grab bags (It was every 3-4 months or so…) so that the cost per tee is cheaper. But their shipping is still reasonable.

Then they revised their shipping rate which is so awesome so it cost only USD4 to ship. But then by that time, I have way too much tee so I didn’t really purchase alot!

Anyway recently, I was looking at one of the mailer which I never open and realise they have Oh-My-God cute skirt!
So I went to their site and look…

I saw this at first:

I am not quite a big fan of Marvel/Superhero. But I kinda like the graphic.

Then I saw this. Omg. I have to get!! I am a big fan of Harry Potter!!

Well, They are high quality and Limited! So you wouldn’t find them anywhere 😮
I did hesitate for a while. But I decided that everyone need cute skirt!
It is also in black so it wouldn’t look so cartoon-ish? 😮
I was very nervous about the sizing. But M fit great on me.  The skirt isn’t translucent at all and it looks like it’s made of high quality material. It is good for traveling also as it is light!

But…after wearing it with the wrong bag,

(I think my bag (a tsumori chisato carry canvas bag) stick onto the skirt and put the thread out. )
I am still trying to fix it by cutting it with a mini scissor. sigh. But its a lot of work. I really have the urge to get a new one but its expensive. I probably ignore it and continue wearing although it look weird. 


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