I am an career advisor

I became a career advisor for a friend over the past couple days. I am just so bewildered by her. 

Firstly she told me she don’t want to handle office politics. I told her there is no such thing! There is office politics everywhere. Grow up and accept the real world. Even if there isn’t any politics, it would be changed when the management changed. There is no forever in the working world. She told me for her past 3 or so jobs, she has been dealing with office politics so she is rather sick of it. She went on to describe the politics to me. She was being forced to take rap for something that happened in 2007. She was an contractor for the past year or so only. So I told her to bring it up to her boss. She claimed that the management was the one who pushes the blame on her. I told her to take it up to her HR. She claimed that there is no protection as she is only an contractor. Honestly I wouldn’t be bothered if I am her. You have done nothing so why should you be worried about it. She claimed that they might sack her or find excuse from her minor mistake. So I told that they cannot sack her for no reason at all and she can always take it up to the government authority. Finally I suggested that it might be the way she deal with politics. If she could just concentrate on her work and perform to her best. Then nobody can find any excuse to deal with her. She said that we need to be aware of surrounding but she contradict herself later by saying that they do not keep her in the loop when things happened. Since they do not want to keep her in the loop, why should she be so concern over this? She should just concentrate on her work! Dealing with politics is not easy. But ultimately the rule to all is to concentrate on you work. Other people can gossip about you but if you show others (especially your boss) that you have done your best. Then the rumour/gossip will die down. We don’t live for others. The only important opinions about you from others are the ones that are closest to you.

Secondly, she told me she don’t want to work for jobs with environment that she is not comfortable with. Okay, this is a valid point. But honestly, how much you would know before you joined the organisation. Maybe you can look at the website, google a little or read reviews on glassdoor. If you are lucky enough, you have friends or friend’s whatever working for them, then you probably could have an insider’s review of the place. She told she will ask the interviewer to describe the working culture for her. Okay, this is a valid question but how much you can actually generate from this? They could easily lie about it. And such opinion are very subjective. Maybe that person likes the environment but it does not mean others might like it. And never listen to HR. They are there to make the organisation look much better. 

Then she say she don’t want what she want. Like I would know? Go find out then. There are all sorts of career books and advices on the internet. Go google and read about it. The first step is to find out what you are good at. especially transferrable skills. If you don’t want to take responsibility for your own life, NOTHING will changes. Nobody can decide your career for you.

On the side note, Is there career advisor kinda thing out there? I feel like I am suitable for this. 


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