Review: Matt & Nat Bag

I am super excited now – My Matt & Nat bag from ASOS has arrived!

I highly recommended to order from ASOS instead of M&N directly. To read about my previous experience with ordering from M&N directly, please refer to this:

My order at ASOS was processed within 2 days! They do not have a wide range but I was lucky enough to find a bag from the current range from M&N. Originally I wasn’t quite sure about this bag and the colour (I am not quite a fan of navy blue!) but I fallen in love with the bag & colour now that I have seen the real thing! It is unfortunately sold out at ASOS now. But there are other bags to choose from. Other than the quick and efficient experience I had with ASOS, I was also very pleased to get the bag at a discount of 18% as compared to M&N’s price without shipping.

So here it is… The Mitsuko bag in midnight. This is the medium size which is good as a daily work bag. It is not big but it’s light enough to carry your daily necessities! 

There is 3 ways to carry it. On your arm, sling it or carry it with the long strap!

The inner looks good. Are they really made of recycled plastic bottles!

– The bag do have a strong smell when you first open it. It do remind me of leather but of course this isn’t!
– The bag do not comes with a dust bag. Hopefully they could improve on this as many luxury brands do provide it.
– The texture is very leather but of course it isn’t real leather.
– The bag itself is very well-made as compare to other cheaper PU bag that I have purchased.
– The zip especially looks very well made. (Many cheap bags out there just have terrible zip that they don’t work after a few uses!)
– I cannot comment on the durability at this point of time. Generally, based on experiences with PU, all PU bags will be peeling after a few months or up to 2 years. I hope that this bag is much more lasting!

The bag do not fit everything I had. But i was able to fit all my daily necessities with a  slight adjustment.
What I carry in my bag: Umbrella, Plum Planner, Card Wallet, iPod Nano, iPad Mini, Wallet, Cosmetic pouch and pens/misc pouch

Overall, I am happy with my purchase!

Btw I discovered another vegan bag brand – Wilby. I have been looking at their bags for the past 2 days or so. I wanted to own it….But I couldn’t buy as I don’t need them. The current range are also either too big or small. If only the Primrose Tote is smaller. Anyway, I would probably order it for my lunar new year! So hopefully they have something of a decent size soon!

After using for a week or so, I am quite happy with the bag. The structure is not too hard enough so that I can put in things I wanted. It is not TOO BIG but just great for my daily necessities. The only problem I had is with the zip. It is zipped from left to right instead of right to left – something that I am more comfortable with!


2 thoughts on “Review: Matt & Nat Bag

    • sorry for the late reply. I just notice it! I find the durability is much better than the normal PU bag. I haven’t notice any peeling yet (: As compare to an Juicy Couture bag I used to have, it is much better!


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